Monday, 29 March 2010

palmers dark chocolate and peppermint lip butter

After watching an interview with Katie Price (love her) on GMTV in July last year - ages ago i know, however i was intrigued by the lipgloss she was wearing and it turned out to be this.. the Palmers Dark Chocolate and Peppermint lip butter. So of i went too boots and purchased it and i must say this product disappointed me, i expected it to have more of a sheen, as it looked on Katie's lips very glossy.. maybe the filler gives her more of an effect? it has a very thick consistency, so unless you use it sparingly you will end up with it applied so thick it comes off into your mouth (yuckkkk!) it does have the most amazing smell though.. it reminds me of after eights.. maybe it would be good as a substitute for eating the real thing.. smell the chocolate! less calories eh! i think i paid around £2.50 for this product, and thats all its worth. i'd give it a 5/10